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Promotional Marketing Consultants (PMC) renders exceptional service to clients in need of customized promotional advertising items. We are versatile in regards to the varied and unique items that we provide. Our embroidered and imprinted goods include a full line of casual, work, or sports team apparel as well as gifts, souvenirs, trade-show/convention give-aways, and any other specialty items that you may need to get your name out there, your business recognized, or your team outclassing the competition. We also carry a complete line of eco-friendly products, items specially made in the USA, as well as wedding gifts and favors. Furthermore, we furnish quality art creation and logo printing and design at the most economical rates around--and all consulting is free. Let us equip you with the personalized items of your choice to help you gain visibility and also to allow you to stay connected with your current clients.

Christine Smith

Christine Smith of Promotional Marketing Consultants in Central NY

Bob Brantner

Bob Brantner of Promotional Marketing Consultants in Central NY

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Contact Christine at (607) 316-2319 or Bob at (607) 280-8886

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